Beach n Boat Fishing Tournament

targeted_resultsWe’ve got it covered and we’ve got YOU covered. There is no other tournament anywhere that offers the benefits and advantages that the Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament brings to you and your brand.  Not only do we have the largest concentration of people in the country in our marketing territory, we hit it from every possible angle. The Tournament runs for 8 months and our marketing campaign is year-round.

It’s all about connections and ours are far and wide. The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament will connect you, and your products, to our lucrative market through traditional as well as the latest, greatest methods.  Our past marketing efforts have paid off and we have become the authority and go-to resource for marine products, places and things to do.

Over 800 anglers in one year. The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament has surpassed tournaments that are over a half of a century old! Incredible results!

Our Partners Benefit from Our Comprehensive Marketing Approach


wildwoods angler mikeNEW this year!  Tournament Segments

We know that it’s important for you to get face-to-face with our valuable market and now you can. Our primary marketing partners will be invited to join us at shore destinations for 3-day mini-tournaments. Each mini-tournament will include a kick-off event, special prizes and awards ceremonies. Park your SUV on the beach.  Be the official beverage.  Make the catch on your rod and win big.  Pass out products or coupons.  You get the idea.

The Wildwoods Beach N Boat Fishing Challenge is June 13 – 15, 2014 and the DO AC Beach N Boat Fishing Challenge is August 22 – 24, 2014.  Both events have additional marketing campaigns to give our sponsors more exposure than ever.

Total 240,000 impressions


You’ve got to see it to appreciate it.  Stop by and you will understand why the site attracts over 3,500 visitors a month, viewing the website at least 2-3 times per month averaging 5 pages per visit and is growing exponentially. The interactive and exciting site is designed to keep visitors coming back. Things like online registration, rules and regulations, a leaderboard with real-time updates, webcams, tide charts, weather forecasts, a photo gallery and an e-store are just some of the reasons why your logo, advertisement and link will be in front of the masses.

Search Engine Optimization

Anyone can have a pretty website and we understand the importance of being found. Go ahead, Google “fishing tournament.”  You will find us on the first page.  Add “New Jersey” and we’re in the top two!  Enough said.  Being connected to the Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament website and other e-marketing resources improves our partners positioning and ranking.

Total 525,000 impressions

enter and win bigE-Marketing

Not only will you find the Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament on our website, you will see us on many other sites with live links that drive viewers back to our website where they find our partner’s ads with links to their websites. Banner ads and Beach N Boat logos are on many of our sponsors’, tackle shops’ and other affiliated businesses’ websites.  We are listed on event calendars all over the East ranging from Southern Boating Magazine to NJ Kids on the Go.

Electronic banner ads on fishing websites reach approximately 500,000 views. Reciprocal listings on sponsor websites, online calendars, tourism and fishing interest pages enhance the number of exposures.

Total 1,240,000 impressions

facebookSocial Media

You can Like Us, Follow Us, Share Us, Friend Us, Pin Us, Tweet Us, Subscribe to our YouTube channel and more and we’ll do the same for you.  Our robust social media campaign keeps people informed and drives traffic to our website while creating a constant buzz about the tournament. Regular posts are made on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ with plenty of sponsor plugs. We also employ reciprocal marketing to magnify our efforts to reach followers of our sponsors, weigh stations, other anglers, local tourism and fishing related pages.  Video clips of large catches and other significant events are posted on YouTube, Vimeo and other web locations.  And, the best part is, we will provide dedicated posts on behalf of our sponsors!

Social media posts, including Facebook and Twitter, are seen over 166,000 times per month, providing over 1,000,000 impressions in 2013. By 2014 this number is expected to at least double.

Total 2,500,000 impressions

mailchimpEmail Campaigns

Have it your way; be featured in our emails or let us send one of your own to our audience. An event like this tournament gives us so many good reasons and opportunities to keep our fans informed.  Frequent emails are sent to targeted lists with updates on leaderboard standings, significant accomplishments, special events, profiles of our sponsors, weigh stations and other general information.  We follow very stringent anti-spamming guidelines and respect our audiences’ privacy. In 2013, we sent over 12,000 targeted emails to registered anglers, referrals, and subscribers. This number should triple in 2014.

Total 36,000 impressions

literatureRack Cards and Sign-Up Brochures

Rack cards and tri-fold brochures that include our sponsors are distributed through direct mail, tackle shops, CVBs, marinas, restaurants and hotels throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and southern New York.

In 2013, 30,000 Trifold brochures and rack cards were viewed at least 2 times each. In 2014, this number is expected to double.

Total 120,000 impressions


Colorful, eye-catching, printed posters with our partners logos are displayed at tackle shops, marinas, restaurants, boat ramps, visitor centers and other locations around the state.

In 2013, we had 400 Posters with QR codes at 200 locations with a very conservative average of 30 visitors per day for 200 days. This number is expected to be repeated for 2014.

Total 1,200,000 impressions

BNB Sandpaper 8-7 FINALPrint Advertising

The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament advertises in local newspapers, regional fishing and tourism publications to enhance consumer awareness. We offer our partners shared and dedicated ads in these media.

2013 included numerous ads in regional papers, fishing magazines, radio spots, promotional events, trade shows, as well as articles picked up from press releases. We also had a half page ad in the New Jersey Travel Guide with a circulation of 400,000. This budget and reach is expected to double in 2014.

Public/Press Relations

It’s not always what you know and we have the who’s in the right places.  Formal press releases are sent to major press outlets on a regular basis to keep the media reporting about the tournament throughout the year. Topics include the kickoff of this year’s tournament, noteworthy leaderboard changes, local tournaments, prizes as they are awarded, and many other newsworthy activities.

Total 1,500,000 impressions


Past radio partners included ESPN South Jersey and CBS Philadelphia.  We will work with radio stations that provide the most benefit to our sponsors and advertisers.  Our advertising schedule includes on-air interviews, commercials and remote broadcasts from our sponsors’ locations.  The remotes also provide an opportunity tor additional, non-competing sponsors to join in the fun.

Total 60,000 impressions

TradeshowBooth2_Somerset130315Trade Shows and Events

Our staff attends fishing, boating, outdoor sports shows, tournaments and large public events throughout the Northeast.  Key sponsors are invited to join us and, if you can’t make it, we are happy to showcase your offerings.  Product displays, banners and merchandise give-aways provide branding opportunities for our sponsors.

Total 65,000 impressions

dune grass(Dune)Grass Roots

Don’t ever forget where you came from.  And, we came from the beach.  Our (dune)grass roots movement spreads the word through our friends and we’ve got plenty of them. And we make new ones everyday through our door-to-door and face-to-face efforts. It seems that people like what we’re doing and no groups offer better camaraderie than fishing and boating people. Our deck shoes on the ground approach takes us in person to tackle shops, marinas, marine stores, hotels, restaurants, tournaments and some great parties just to shake hands and say hello.  It works because no matter where you go in New Jersey, they know and love the Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament.


Guaranteed Results

The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament offers our sponsors, advertisers and marketing partners results.  We monitor our marketing and advertising campaigns, and make adjustments along the way, to ensure the success of the Tournament and provide the highest level of return to our supporters.

We understand that our success depends on your success and, we would not be able to run this great event without you.  If at anytime, you do not feel you are getting the benefits you signed up for, we will return the unused portion of your investment, no questions asked.