Beach n Boat Fishing Tournament

Annual Tournament Rules and Regulations

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  1. The tournament’s entry fee is at the prevailing price and is good for the entire tournament.
  2. Participants may register anytime.
  3. Register online at, mail a registration form to 1977 Olden Ave., Suite 262, Trenton, NJ 08618 or fax it to 609.939.0339.
  4. Online registrations are time-stamped and anglers must be registered and entered into Beach N Boat’s online database prior to putting their line in the water to compete and must be registered for six (6) hours prior to weighing a fish. Registrations mailed or faxed must be received and entered by a Beach N Boat administrator prior to competing. Upon entry into the system, you will receive an email confirming registration or you may go to and sign in using your email address as your user name, and password, to view and print your registration card.
  5. Anglers are permitted to be registered in multiple tournaments.


      1. Fishing begins annually on April 1 at 12:00 AM and ends November 30 at 11:59 PM. Tournament fishing is allowed any time during this time period; rain or shine, hot or cold, day or night.
      2. Eligible fish must be caught using rod, reel, line and hook only. Spear fishing, netting and other methods are not permitted in this tournament.
      3. Following are the eight qualifying species and minimum sizes.
        Striper 36″
        Fluke 22″
        Bluefish 30″
        Black Drum 30″
        Weakfish (No Speckled Trout) 24″
        Kingfish (Northern) 12″
        Sea Bass 17″
        Tautog (Blackfish) 20″
        1. Your one-time registration covers all species and you can weigh-in as many qualifying fish as you like. Only one prize per angler within each species will be awarded.


      1. Tournament boundaries are marine waters from Raritan Bay to Delaware Bay within 20 miles of the shoreline. Fish must be caught and weighed in New Jersey.
      2. The exact boundaries are: Delaware Bay, Lower Alloways Creek Township on the New Jersey side of the state line, no further north than N39.29.673, W75.33.474. Raritan Bay on the New Jersey side of the state line that runs from west of N40.29.893, W074.15.908 southeast to N40.28.645, W74.13.681 and from this point runs east northeast to N40.31.535, W73.57.250. If in doubt, stay along the New Jersey shoreline.


      1. All fish entered must comply with NJ and Federal laws, regulations and licensing requirements.
      2. From the moment a fish strikes or takes bait or lure, the angler must hook and fight the fish without aid from any other person except that another person my grasp the leader, gaff or net the fish.
      3. The fishing method known as yo-yoing, including any method that uses weights inserted into a bait and not attached to the angler’s line is not permitted.
      4. To fish in New Jersey saltwater, you must have your New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry ID Card, click here to get yours today.


      1. Weigh-in begins April 1 at 6:00 AM and ends November 30 at 11:59 PM. Contact individual weigh stations for hours of operation.
      2. Fish must be weighed within 24 hours of being caught and are counted at the time of weigh-in, not the time of the catch.
      3. Each fish can only be weighed in at one official weigh station. The catch may be disqualified if an attempt is made to weigh-in at multiple locations.
      4. Anglers are permitted to weigh multiple qualifying fish during the official tournament schedule. Fish must meet required minimum size in inches to be weighed.
      5. Official weigh stations are located throughout New Jersey. Go to to view participating weigh stations.
      6. All fish weighed must be caught by the individual bringing them to participating weigh station.
      7. At the time of weigh-in, before weighing a fish, the angler must present proper identification and provide the weighmaster with a copy of their tournament registration card.
      8. Weighmaster must complete an official triplicate weigh record form in hard copy. The angler must sign the hard copy form certifying that all information is complete and accurate. Angler retains one copy of the weigh record. Incomplete or incorrect information can result in disqualification.
      9. The official weighmaster certifies the species, weight, length and girth of each fish entered and clips the fish’s tail after it has been weighed. If you weighed-in for another tournament that clipped the tail, you must bring a copy of the weigh-in registration from that tournament.
      10. The weighmaster enters the qualifying catch into the Beach N Boat database as soon as possible after the weigh-in. This may or may not be while angler is present.
      11. Any inorganic item(s) including, but not limited to, fishing tackle, wire, rocks, and rope found to be attached to a fish or inside a fish’s mouth when a fish is caught shall be removed by the angler prior to weigh-in. The weighmaster has the right to cut open and inspect fish at their discretion. If any inorganic material is not visible to the angler and is discovered when the fish is opened, this material shall be examined by the Tournament Committee and, if deemed to be inside the fish prior to it being caught by the angler weighing it in, the weight of such inorganic item(s) shall be deducted from the official weight of the fish. If, however, the Tournament Committee deems that the inorganic material was intentionally introduced to the fish after that fish was caught and prior to the weighing of that fish, additional action may be taken including, but not limited to, the disqualification of the fish and angler.
      12. Take care of your winning fish; no cut or mutilated fish will be accepted. Fish condition will be reviewed by weighmaster.
      13. All fish caught remain property of the angler once weighed.


  1. There must be a minimum of 20,000 registrants (paid anglers in each year) for 100% of each prize amount to be awarded.  15,000 to 19,999 registrants will result in prize amounts being reduced by 25%.  10,000 – 14,999 registrants will result in prize amounts being reduced by 50%.  5,000 – 9,999 registrants will result in prize amounts being reduced by 75%. The tournament may be canceled if there are less than 5,000 registrants.
  2. Prizes are awarded solely on the basis of fish weight. In the event of identical weights, the first fish weighed breaks the tie and if there remains a tie, the fish with the greatest length breaks the tie. In the event that there is still a tie, the fish with the greatest girth shall be declared the leading fish.
  3. If no fish are caught in a given prize level of a species category, no prize will be awarded for that level.
  4. Only one prize per angler within each species will be awarded.
  5. Children 12 and under at the time of weigh-in are eligible for separate prizes and are listed on a Kids 12 and Under Leaderboard.  They are also listed on the primary leaderboard and are eligible for those prizes.
  6. Any prize won by a minor will be awarded to minor’s parent or legal guardian named at the time of entry. Prize recipients are responsible for payment of all applicable state and federal taxes on awards. Eligible prize recipients will be notified of their prize and delivery requirements by email. Prizes not claimed within 30 days of the email notification will be forfeited.


      1. By registering for the tournament, the participant consents that Beach N Boat may use without payment or restrictions any photographs or video in which he or she appears for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to resale, advertising, commercial, or promotional material.  This includes any and all content submitted by participant or any other source.
      2. Any angler eligible for a prize must agree to take a polygraph test if requested by the Tournament Directors to do so. The test must be completed within 14 days of request. This decision is at the sole discretion of the Tournament Directors. Should the angler refuse to take the test, or if the test is failed, the catch will be disqualified and no prize awarded.
      3. All decisions of the Tournament Directors shall be final.
      4. The weighmaster has the right to refuse entry of any fish. If more than 3 entries are refused during tournament, tournament registration will be forfeited for the duration of tournament. Registration cost will not be refunded.
      5. The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament Directors retain sole discretion to determine the winners, to award prizes, and to resolve disagreements or disputes between and among participants in accordance with the rules of the Tournament. The Tournament Directors may disqualify from the tournament and/or from any or all future Beach N Boat Fishing Tournaments, any person or persons who falsify information, violate the tournament rules, act in an unsportsmanlike manner, or falsely testify for or against any person. Any party aggrieved by a decision of The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament Directors must present a written grievance, signed by the party, to The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament Directors within 48 hours of the decision being challenged. The Tournament Directors will investigate all grievances and may conduct a hearing to resolve the grievance. The Tournament Directors may call witnesses, question the party involved in the incident giving rise to the grievance and, if necessary, have any and all persons involved or with knowledge of the incident submit to a polygraph test. The Tournament Directors’ decision to uphold, deny or make any ruling regarding a grievance shall be definitive and final. In no event shall any participant aggrieved by the Tournament Directors’ decision on a grievance have the right to assert a claim against or otherwise challenge the decision of the Tournament Directors or any member of the Tournament Directors in a court of law or other forum. The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal value.
      6. The rules and regulations of the tournament are subject to change and angler is responsible for being familiar with the most up-to-date rules found at Notice of all changes will be provided to all registrants that agreed to receive communications from the Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Tournament.

All participants are responsible for reading and following all rules and regulations set forth by The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament.

Participants in The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament enter at their own risk. Owners, directors, tournament committee members, tackle shops, participants and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of the tournament shall be exempt from any liability for loss, damage, negligence, harm or bodily injury suffered to any participant, boat captains, crew members, vessel and/or equipment, which may occur during the tournament.

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Revised 5/1/16